MT4 Multi Server Order Copier

Forex copiers are used mostly by Forex account managers. The main purpose of MT4 Order Copier is to copy trades from the master Metatrader account(s) to a number of slave Metatrader accounts. In case of use Multi Instance Order Copier, trades can be copied between few instances of metatrader servers. Master account can be on one server and slaves one another.

How Order Copier Works?

Order Copier is Windows Service that connects using MT4 Manager API to all MT4 Servers, listens opened trades and using Database configuration copies orders with specified settings.

It can be multiplied order volume, reversed trade, etc...

What is Main Futures of Order Copier?

  • Copying orders from 1 master account to number of slave accounts.
  • Copying order from number of master accounts to 1 slave account.
  • Order volume scaling depending on balance difference between master and slave account and depending manually configured account multiplier.

  • Commission collection for orders with profit.
  • In case of partial close of order slave orders will be partially closed with scaling volume.
  • Doesn’t have any limitation of number of master and slave accounts.
  • Service configurable using Web API and throw web interface to provide social trading web engine connection.
  • Configuration can be changed realtime using JSON Web API
  • Metatrader Instances can be added/removed/changed using JSON API on a fly.
  • All orders history and copy history stored in database.
  • Can be added copying to FIX destination or LP for Bridging purposes.


What is your benefit?

Finally, you pay for one product and get routing mechanism, Order Copier, FIX Bridge and smart constructor where you can add any future with very reasonable expenses.

Why not to built your Brokerage based on one product?

You Like? It can be yours!

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